The Honda Civic FD2 and Integra DC2

The Honda Civic FD2 and Integra DC2

The Ultimate Duo.


 Separated by over a decade, the Integra DC2 and Civic FD2 truly represents the true spirit of the original Honda racing philosophy. Using Honda's original racing philosophy of weight reduction, high revving naturally aspirated engine, and suspension designs, Honda created two legends in their own right. While some may say the Integra DC2 is the ultimate front wheel drive car ever created, we cannot deny that the FD2 Civic is equally as special. 

The visceral feeling of going through the gears and revving out the B and K series engine to over 8000 RPM is something so unique that no other car can replicate. Sure, turbocharging and boost is fun, but the responsiveness and high revs does it for us. It's not the fastest car on this planet but it's guaranteed to reward the driver with tons of enjoyment. 

It's rare that people think modern cars aged well, but I can reassure everyone that the Civic FD2 aged extremely well. The lack of digital screens, tacky black piano trims, and a good selection of material choices on the interior really made this car look great even after so many years. On the other hand, the FRS and BRZ's selection of interior materials has already shown how crucial it is. Looking at a 2013 FRS and a 2008 Civic, the Civic has far a better interior. This applies equally to the exterior of the car with its conservative exterior design language. No extreme angles exist and function follows form, creating an exterior that doesn't scream attention. 


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