Nissan S14 240SX: The Silvia of Our Dreams

Nissan S14 240SX: The Silvia of Our Dreams

A High School Dream Realized.



For as long as we can remember, the Nissan 240SX was a dream car for us. We talked about it for countless days in High School about owning one and how cool all the variations were like the S13, S14, and S14 240SX. Seven years later, we turned the idea of owning one into a reality. 

The dream of owning a 240SX actually could've happened a lot faster than seven years. During high school, Jacob's uncle actually had an S13 hatch for sale for a pretty reasonable price. However, as a youngster in high school, the money was never there for us to afford such a car. The car eventually sold to someone in Southern California. We continued to work towards our goal of owning all the cars we've ever wanted by working restaurant jobs and eventually starting our own business. Finally in March 2021, we came across a relatively clean S14 240SX for sale. It was automatic, but it would make a great platform for us to do everything we've ever dreamt of doing to it. 


We had just picked up an RX-7 FC Turbo 2 the week prior so we spent a good chunk of our savings purchasing that vehicle. I remember when we went to go buy this from the gentlemen, it was such a last minute decision. Initially, we just wanted to check it out but upon seeing the pristine condition of the car, we decided we had to buy it. Since we had purchased the RX-7 FC Turbo 2 the week prior, we literally had NO money on hand. It was a weekend too, so going to the bank teller to withdraw money was not an option. We each withdrew the maximum amount allowed out of the ATM in order to make the transaction possible and in the end, we had just enough thanks to my good negotiation skills. 


We are now coming up on two years of ownership of this vehicle and in the time, we tried many things out of our comfort zone. We tried to do a budget build on it and tried to stance it, something we oppose to doing. In the end, we scrapped all of our wild ideas and decided to do what we do best, make it a grip car. Soon, this car will be rocking a nice set of wheels, suspension, and an SR20! 


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