INGS+1 Integra DC2: A 90s Time Capsule

INGS+1 Integra DC2: A 90s Time Capsule

The Ings+1 Integra DC2 is a 90s Time Capsule. 




There is no doubt that the INGS+1 Integra DC2 is quite loved by you all. The aggressive lines on both the front and rear bumper paired with all the vents helps this Integra DC2 stand apart from the rest of the pack. 


Prior to us recording the video of us installing the body kit, I must say, I was quite skeptical about putting the INGS+1 kit on the car. I was really concerned with how the aggressive lines and vents would make the car look too 'rice'. However, after installing the kit on the car, I was sold. The kit brings the bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper closer to the ground, helping fix a common issue with a car designed in the 90s. However, one problem did arise after installing the body kit.


The issue after installing with the kit was that the original Type R wing no longer looked appropriate. The dimensions of the wing and the beautiful curves simply did not go well with the aggression of the body kit. I debated for many days between many days on which GT wing I should get. I ended up getting the Mugen Gen 2 Wing which I found to be the perfect for my application. 


The wing is adjustable, sits higher than the OEM Type R wing, and the aggressive lines of the Mugen Gen 2 wing flowed well with the body kit. It was as if the wing was meant to be part of the body kit! Overall, I think the body kit and wing gives the car a super unique appearance while being pretty functional for both the street and the track. 

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Very nice aero all around, the mugen wing compliments the Ings nicely. Paired with the 16 inch wheels over the usual 17 inch, I much prefer it this way. Well done.


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